Professor YouTube

How would you like a little advice in your classroom?

Within the ambit of “I-never-use-YouTube” to “I-just-cue-up-a-long-YouTube-video-and-let-it-teach” in my classroom, area do fall? I get the faculty that abounding agents NEVER use YouTube in the academy classroom. That is a absent opportunity.

“The abbreviate video, done well, communicates added advice in 3 account than a PowerPoint presentation can get beyond in 15 minutes,” according to Andrew Hargadon. If that’s true, I wish it in my classroom.

James Duncan Davidson at a TED conference, “I’m assertive that the latest abundance of crowd-accelerated innovation, fueled by Web video, is about to burn the better acquirements aeon in animal history.” Are you on lath yet?

Why not take advantage of the 2nd a lot of visited website and a little down-time as well. I would adulation to apperceive how (and how much) agents (specifically academy agents in my case) use YouTube.

If you are not application YouTube, why not?

I use some YouTube clips occasionally for chic openers. Sometimes they are accompanying to the affair for the day. Other times I artlessly use a one-two minute blow to authorize a accent for the hour. Often times they are adorning or funny.

I presented a 50 minute presentation at a accumulated top academy accident on Entrepreneurship some time ago. I told them lots of admirable things. I ran into a adolescent adult that was in the presentation about 9 months later. If she saw me she said she accustomed me. She said I was the being that gave a presentation. And again she said something that absolutely hit me. She said, “And you showed that air-conditioned video on Entrepreneurship!” Of all the admirable things I presented the one affair that ashore was the three-minute video called, “Entrepreneurs Can Change the World.”

Video with graphics, and music and a bulletin can be the greatest teacher’s abettor ever.

Here’s a few of the videos I use and how I use them (in my business classes):

  • Entrepreneurs Can Change the World-2:20 (Introduction to Business class)
  • Validation-16:24 (Sales class, “sell somebody you don’t apperceive on watching this adorning video”)
  • Boring Economics Teacher (Ferris Bueller)-1:14 (first anniversary of class)
  • Piano Stairs (first anniversary of class, the ability of play)
  • A Day Made of Glass… Made accessible by Corning-5:33 (Social Media Marketing)
  • Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise!-2:24 (promo for the cine “Carrie”, Social Media Marketing viral campaigns)
  • The Toughest Job in North Korea (Best Version)1:05 (first anniversary of class, we absence you if you’re not here)
  • Corps in Elevator Prank-1:21 (Happy Halloween)
  • Where do Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson-4:07 (innovation)
  • Science of Persuasion-11:51 (Sales class)

What are the possibilities in your classroom?

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